The Natural Look

By far the most frequently made comment from someone who is about to be injected with fillers or Botox is “I don’t want to look done”. Everyone wants to look natural. No one wants to be that person that everyone whispers about as they walk by “psst, look at Elsa, now that’s Frozen”. I agree! I certainly do not want any of my sweet, beautiful patients to look like they have been treated. But there is a lot more to the “natural look” than just botox and filler injections. The other things you do to beautify affect your entire look. So, this week I want to encourage you to embrace your natural beauty. Here are some tips to enhance you and not change you, keep you just like you are!

1. Pick an above average injector-Who you choose to inject your botox and fillers should not be whoever is having a sale. Your injector matters. Pick one who has a natural looking staff because likely she/he has injected them. If the person coming at you with a needle has lips that look unnatural and ducky then you can bet that’s what she is going for on you too, so take note.

2. Keep your eyebrows natural- If you were born with thick dark eyebrows don’t go to thin lines. If you were born with thin, hardly there eyebrows don’t go to thick tattooed permanent eyebrows. Tattooed eyebrows may be a look you are going for and if so rock it girl, I know some people that look great with permanent make-up! But sometimes I look at tattoed eyebrows and think “she has tattooed eyebrows”, it’s not a “not done” look, it is something people are likely going to be able to tell you have had done. Be careful how much you pluck and shape, try to enhance your natural shape not change the shape of your brows.

3. Careful with fake eyelashes- Now these have become ever so popular over the past few years and sometimes they look full and beautiful but I must say sometimes they will make you get the “done” look. If they are peeling away from where they were stuck, you’re “done”. If they are freakishly long, you’re “done”. If your eyelashes are so long that you can give butterfly kisses with a 2 foot standing distance from the other person, it’s unnatural. An alternative is Latisse. Latisse is a topical prescription that will give you those longer, fuller lashes you’re looking for in a natural occuring type of way.

4.Hair style affects the overall look- What is Dolly Parton known for? Her music sure, and maybe a couple other things, BUT that hair! I don’t know what the saying is about teasing it closer to heaven but bleached blonde hair that is that tall is not natural. It may be considered beautiful, but not natural.

5. Make-up matters- Do you guys remember Mimi off of the Drew Carey show? She had electric green and blue eyeshadows and hot pink lipstick. She was not going for the natural look. Now she wore it well but I am going to go ahead and say I feel comfortable recommending against that look if you want to become a more naturally beautiful you. Don’t cake on make-up. Get a skincare regimen that works so that you don’t need it. You CAN get there. You could be using a make-up that is actually irritating your skin and making your skin problem worse. I use Colorescience powder and also recommend Jane Iredale.

6. Be secure- This is key to keeping the natural you beautiful. Insecurities can lead us to change what is already beautiful. Sure, we can get botox injections, filler, color our hair, get a nose job, get fake lashes, tattoo on the brows we want, wear make-up so thick we are unrecognizable after a shower but all that together, it’s just not us anymore. We should enhance what we have to feel good without changing what we look like. That takes embracing our imperfections sometimes. The perfect example is filler and botox goals. Your goal should be ten years younger, not thirty. A 60-year old with skin that is as tight and wrinkle free as a 20 year old is unnatural. You don’t want to rid every single line because at 60 a few lines show maturity. Look natural, you’ve earned those lines and you’re still beautiful. If a 60 year old wants enough filler and botox to rid every line and get the tightness of a 20 year old, it can be done but it’s not natural, it’s just done. But a 60 year old that looks like a 50 year old naturally occurs all the time so we can do that and look very natural.

I hope you all feel beautiful when you come to see me and even more beautiful when you leave me! There are a lot of opinions in this world and these are just mine so I really appreciate all of you that follow, trust and listen to my blog. Above all else, beauty is in the eye of the beholder so when you look in the mirror remember that, be nice to yourself. Hope you have a great week!

Stay totally skintastic, Nina


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