Super Bowl Sunday Skin

It’s Super Bowl Sunday Y’all! Whether its the football game, the commercials, the halftime show or the food, everyone is getting ready for the game today. So I decided today we should countdown the top 5 skin looks of the Superbowl XLVIII.

5. The Pigskin. I mean really without the pigskin we wouldn’t even have a Superbowl. Thank you pigs everywhere for giving us the skin off your back for the superbowl, literally.

4. “Best Moles” goes to Zoe of the Seattle Seahawks Cheerleaders. She is rocking a pretty “moley” set of abs. All her moles blend in well together and from comparing her pictures of last year to this year there are no new, changing, nor growing moles. Work it girl!


3. Best Tan goes to Wes Welker. Best tan because its NONexistent! That is a seriously pale dude and he looks darn good with it too (love you hubby). I’m guessing he sun avoids, wears sun protective clothing and SPF of at least 30 reapplied every 2 hours.



2. Cleanest Shave goest to Peyton Manning. I mean not a single “razor bump” nor ingrown hair. His beard area is smooth as a babies bottom. Want Peyton’s look? Try EAU THERMALE Avene After-shave balm it is hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic.



1. Pete Carroll wins best redness control. I had to make him number one because he was a graduate assistant coach at my alumni (the University of Arkansas). But in all seriousness he has some pretty red toned skin that he is able to keep in great control. Need to get your redness under control too? Consider laser treatments or a new (awesome) prescription called Mirvaso or Skinmedica’s Redness ┬áRelief CalmPlex moisturizer.



Hope you all enjoy the Super Bowl today! Eat lots of yummy game time food, spend time with friends and family and win every bet you make! Cheers!


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