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I had the honor of spending the weekend in California at the Skinmedica Physicians Summit. As most of you know Skinmedica is my favorite skin care line. It is one of the only nonprescription skin care lines that has real science to back it up, I mean research and all people. It was so much fun connecting with dermatologists, plastic surgeons and other healthcare providers from around the US and Canada. It was even more fun learning more about all the Skinmedica products and how other experts are incorporating them into their patients’ skin health care plan. I could write this post about the stability of growth factors or melanin transfer to keratinocytes or even keratinocyte migration to stratum corneum but you will just have to make an appointment for that. This blog is way too fun for that chat. So here are the fun “take homes” I brought back from the Skinmedica Summit in California to Arkansas.

1.“Tugly”- This is a combination of tight and ugly. This happens when someone comes and gets their Botox and Voluma but then they don’t take care of their skin. Although they may be tight, ridding lines and sagging with neurotoxin and filler due to neglect of skincare, they still have dark spots or dilated pores or acne. The “take home” message is skin care is important too people. FYI: none of my patients are tugly.

2. The average woman has 183 products in her bathroom. COME ON! For real? How? Apparently we have foot creams, elbow creams, neck creams, tanning lotions, wrinkle creams, soaks, masks, tightners, brighteners, etc, etc, etc…….. The message is cut back to stuff that actually works and rid the junk.

3. “80% of skin care clients who leave a facility without buying a product for home use will purchase at least 1 skin care product in a drug store or department store within 24 hours” (MedEsthetics, October 2012) So basically, after you come see me and I tell you what will work for your skin you go buy a piece of junk instead(yes, “slap in yo face” is what I felt upon hearing this). Why? Probably because I’m not a good saleswoman, I’m a nurse practitioner. On the other hand, the girl behind the make-up counter is a great saleswoman. She draws you in and convinces you to buy her non-research, no scientifically proved benefit, smell good, feel good potion because she works off commission and she needs the money to buy her dress for junior prom this May.

4.  I’ve been given a gift, the eyes for cosmetic procedures- sounds weird that I learned that at a skinmedica conference, huh? When I arrived they gave us a book with pictures and bio’s of all the physicians. I obviously flipped through pics first, judging them all, seeing who had bad filler jobs, whose Botox was looking a little Spock like, who just needed to stop, who looked amazing, who I would let inject me, who had beautiful skin and so on and so on. Terrible, I know.  Well by the time I got to the back of the book I realized Dr. Sandy’s picture was on my top five list. She looks great and it is by no means because of me. She takes awesome care of her skin, she works out, eats rights, stays spiritually healthy and so on. But no one would look at her and say she looks done. She looks natural and that makes me proud because I’m the one who injects her.

5. You need more than a personal trainer. Say you go see a personal trainer 3 times a week. You aren’t going to get in shape with just that, you have to go home, eat right and exercise on your own other days of the week to stay in shape. Your personal trainer is for that extra boost. It’s the same concept with skin care. I am your skin care trainer. You come in and I give you a Vitalize peel, Botox, Voluma, whatever you choose but then you have to go home and use your retinol and sunscreen everyday, maybe even your TNS essential serum or Lytera to keep your skin in shape. It’s good, better or best. Don’t you want to be the best? I want you to be the best!

6. You spend lots of money on skin care products that don’t work. The Skinmedica Retinol 0.5 that I use every night is $82.31 with tax and last me 3-4 months. They showed us a product called la prairie platinum rare cellular cream that cost $1080.00 before tax!!!!!!!!!!! I choked on my ice and had to spit up some water. Skinmedica skin care products are cost effective!

Okay I will stop at 6 because that was a long post and because I am jet lagged and need to go to bed. Dr. Sandy and I went all the way to California to make sure we are bringing the best to the South, to Fort Smith. We care about this community and its skin! Come see us this week and let us share some SkinMedica secrets with you! Until then, please stay skintastic!

Love yourself, you’re awesome, Nina


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