Skin Tips for Mom

Happy Mothers Day. I dread the day that I don’t have two little girls running around (mine are 2 and 4). Whoever said “the days are long but the years are short” was exactly right. There are some ┬áskin tricks every Mom should know in my opinion. Let me share them with you.

  1. Laser hair reduction. I’m a pretty hairy chick. By the time I got done shaving my bikini line, legs, abdomen, underarms and feet(yes, I might be from the shire) in the shower my kids had enough time to destroy at least two rooms, maybe three. Laser hair reduction is once monthly for 3-5 months and boom daily time saved approximately 20 minutes.
  2. Sleep deprivation. It’s part of motherhood. First they don’t sleep through the night, then they are scared of the dark, then they just don’t want to be alone, then they have first love problems, it just goes on and on and you never sleep again. Keep those eyes looking fresh with Botox cosmetic for crows feet and to lift the brows and upper lids. I also love sublative for around the eyes. It’s radiofrequency that tightens the skin. Try keeping your under eye cream in the fridge. The cold will decrease swelling that accumulated while you slept and the moisture will create a smoothing effect.
  3. For the kiddos. Keep over the counter hydrocortisone handy. Use it on bug bites, sunburns(no judgement, just job security) and “poison ivy”. Keep Vaseline for cuts and scrapes to prevent infection.
  4. Use sun protective clothing on you and the kiddos. Who has time to grease down an entire wiggly 2 year old with sunscreen every two hours while outdoors? Long sleeve swim shirts, pants and wide brim hats. Cut the sunscreen to only areas of the body that can’t be covered with clothes and you’ll get better sun protection and save those precious minutes moms live for, you know when you get to pee alone.
  5. Basic skincare. All you really need is a sunscreen every morning and a retinol every night. The other stuff is extra. Use sunscreen to prevent damage to your skin and retinol to reverse any damage your skin might receive. Keep it simple for you because keeping up with your kids’ schedules is complicated enough.

May is skin cancer awareness month and we are celebrating with a sunscreen special. In the month of May, if you buy a brush on block you get a free refill. That’s a $17 value. The BOB is everyone’s favorite sunscreen for reapplication because it’s a clear powder that goes on invisible and dry. If you haven’t tried it, now is the time.


See you at the clinic this week, stay Skintastic Moms!

Xoxo, Nina


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