Relationship Goals

Having a career is a little bit like being married. To be happily married both people must work at it for success. Commit to good times and bad times and continuing to work together. When I go to work I have to work at it, at the relationships with my patients, my co-workers, my bosses and my colleagues. Sometimes I get in a rut with these relationships and sometimes I have a weekend like this where everything feels perfect. This weekend I was honored to work with other mid-levels from around the country on a project for Galderma. I got to know some of the Galderma team better reminding me that there are still good people in pharmaceuticals. People that ultimately care about healthcare and patients having good outcomes. I got to chit chat with other midlevels that are smart and amazing and see how they do things. I got to travel along side Honey, JDs very own Physicians Assistant who makes me a better healthcare provider and better person. Who has become more like a sister than a friend or co-worker. I was honored/surprised/shook to be the only Nurse Practitioner on a panel of 10 other Physician Assistants. Representing nursing in Dermatology has been such an honor over the past 6 years as an advanced practice nurse at JD. I came home to a blog written by Dr. Sandy that once again proved I work for one of the best individuals on earth. My point is that if you don’t love what you do, do you love the people you work with? Because I love what I do but partially because I love the people I work with and the relationships I have made. When I have a bad day all of these relationships make it better and remind me how awesome the derm team I have really is to the world. Luckily, I feel like I am on my Dermatology honeymoon and I’m on year six! Also, very luckily(and with a lot of coffee and wine) I am still very in love with the man I fell for 13 years ago, Jarrard Copeland. I don’t know how I got so lucky to be happily married to a great man and a great job but I sure feel blessed and praise God for it all. Thank you Galderma for an excellent trip from a great company. Thank you Honey for being my work sister. Thank you Dr. Sandy for my dream job and this excellent blog post. Thank you to everyone that helped me become a Nurse Practitioner. Thank you Jarrard for being my husband. Thank you God for all these blessings.

From Dr. Sandy:


A few weeks ago I was honored to be the only Physician speaker on the main stage for the 2018 Allergan National Sales Meeting. It was exciting to speak in front of 1400+ people about JD. My talk was based on one of my favorite quotes from JFK…one person can make a difference and everyone should try. At the meeting, lots of people asked me about Nina and her blog. You loyal and faithful readers may have noticed that she has not been writing as many blogs. This is because she is spending her time working at JD, being a wife and mom and now helping her husband Jarrard in his campaign to be the next Sheriff for Sebastian County. While I was speaking about how everyone should try to make a difference, Nina and Jarrard Copeland were home really making a difference.

Jarrard is an amazing human as you could guess since he was able to marry Nina. I actually met Jarrard before I met Nina. He was serving as the face of the Fort Smith Police Department 12 years ago. You may remember seeing him on TV or reading his quotes in the newspaper. He arranged for Nina to rotate at our clinic as a nurse practitioner student. She rotated at JD, graduated at the top of her class and has been a very important provider at JD for 6+ years. As they say, the rest is history.

As for Jarrard, he retired after more than 25 years at FSPD. I am sure he was thoroughly enjoying being a house husband and stay at home Dad but heard the calling from Bill Hollenbeck to return to service. In my mind, this call from Bill to Jarrard is probably similar to what happens in the superhero movies when one superhero forces another superhero out of retirement to help fight crime and keep our community safe. As an aside both Bill and Jarrard are great personal friends so I can attest that they are both superhuman with amazing superhuman abilities and really hot, successful, skintastic wives. After all, behind every successful man is an amazing wife.

Over the next few months, Nina will be busier than usual helping Jarrard become our next sheriff. Make sure you check out all of the social media supporting Jarrard. Most of all make sure you get out and vote for Jarrard on May 22nd, 2018.

You can follow Jarrards Campaign at

or find him on Instagram and Facebook @copelandforsheriff

Thank you Bill, Jarrard, and all of our public servants who keep us safe. Thank you also to your families who support you so that you can support us.

If you need more Nina in your life, follow her on JD Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. Stay skintastic, Dr. Sandy

Hope you all meet your relationship goals at home and at work and don’t forget: We appreciate your vote, Nina


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