New Year, New Us, New Best

Uggghhh you guys! I literally was about to post my blog with New Years resolutions and had an epitome and was like nope- change of plans! Just wrote this post on the fly from my heart. My very first blog post was four years ago today. I love the New Year holiday. I enjoy reflecting on the past year and thinking about what the next year will hold. How I will change, what goals I want to achieve, what I want to do more of and need to do less of- it’s fulfilling to me dreaming and brainstorming.

This year has been memorable at Johnson Dermatology. We turned 10 years old. We grew to over 50 employees with new devices(IPL, Velashape, UltraShape), new addition to the building, new fillers (Volbella is lit) and even a new dermatologist (YAY, Dr.Nelson).  We don’t plan to become stagnant in 2017. We plan to serve The River Valley and all their skin needs better and better every year. So I wanted to talk to you guys tonight about my goals at JD this Year.

2017 New Year, New Us, Best Us Resolutions

  1. Educate everyone about VelaShape and UltraShape. I consult and make anti aging recommendations for people everyday and totally forget to go below the head, neck and décolleté! Body contouring is an awesome liposuction alternative! I promise to teach you guys more about it this year!
  2. Build positivity around cosmetic procedures. Do you look down on women who color their hair or wear make-up? We all just want to feel pretty and fresh. This year I want to empower women to not feel vain for taking care of their skin. Encourage women to support each other instead of judging each other.
  3. 2017 is the year for men to join us in skincare. This means sunscreen, retinol, Botox, fillers and lasers! In 2017 I want your husband to come with you every three months for your Botox. Men shouldn’t feel feminine for wanting to care for their skin. Moisturizing is masculine might be my motto.
  4. Pale is the new tan needs to be cool. I want kids, teenagers and college students to put sunburns and cigarettes in the same category of carcinogens they don’t like. In 2017 I want to spread the word on fashionable sun protective clothing better. If you have any ways I could reach this goal let me know because this is hard for me.
  5. Increase skin cancer checks for the River Valley. Since Dr. Nelson has joined our team he has been going out into the community and offering skin cancer screenings at events. In 2017, I want to do my part to let people know they should get a full body skin check at least once per year! Get in your birthday suit and get to the clinic! Do you have an event coming up that you can help spread the word? E-mail and see if your event would be something Dr. Nelson could speak at or do exams! Or is it an event where I could bring the cosmetic team and do free consults? Let us know, in 2017 I want to get out there and get your skin needs met!

What else should we resolute this year? Lets make our skin healthier than ever this year. Lets build our relationship.  Do you have tips for JD? Do you have skin education needs I could meet for you on the blog? E-mail me! Comment! I love hearing from you guys! 2017 is a new year and I can’t wait to make it the best us, the new us!

Cheers, Nina


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