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Have you ever felt so tired you’re not even tired anymore? As if your body readjusted to the level of exhaustion you are currently at to help you survive? All you Moms out there know what I’m talking about. I have felt some degree of that this past week. My one year old spent the week with the flu. I spent my nights rocking her, jiggling her, medicating her, laying on the couch with her, laying by her crib and any other activity I could think of other than sleeping. I kept reminding myself it was harder for her than me but as I walked past a mirror on my way to bed the reflection revealed puke in my hair, mismatch pajama set and make-up smeared over half my face and I couldn’t even get the energy to go brush my teeth. I knew I needed to refresh my skin and put some life back into it before I went to see patients the next morning. Even though I firmly believe in a good skincare regimen taking months to show visible results there are tips and tricks for “faking good skin” on the fly. ┬áSo here are some tricks I use to fake it until I make it in the skin department.

  1. Use a mist. Hydrated skin is happy skin. Honestly, this week my skin care products didn’t get a lot of love. But every morning before and after applying make-up I got that dewy look I love with a little mist. Takes one second. My favorite luxury hydration spray is Pommist by Jane Iredale. It smells like pomegranate and has the perfect amount of mist distribution with each spray. My favorite drug store most is Evian. You can get it at the dollar store, it’s straight up mineral water and it does the trick!
  2. Use extra glow. When I feel drab and need a pick-me-up I use extra highlighter and less pressed powder. Try the Jane Iredale highlighting pencil in white/pink. One side is a shimmering white and the other side pink. I highlight and blush with one pencil making it a quick and easy option to add color and glow for those days you need to look energized but don’t actually have the energy. The formula is so easy to blend!
  3. Botox for brow lift and opening the eyes. Never look tired with Botox. Did you know Botox can lift the brows? I have Botox injected around my eyes to give my eyelids an open brightness more than just for crows feet lines.
  4. TNS lip plump system. When you are tired and not caring for your skin like you usually do it’s the lips that often suffer first. Dry, cracking lips are not cool. The TNS lip plump system has growth factor that hydrates and helps with lines. The system gave my lips color, fullness and life this week!
  5. HA5 for immediate rejuvenation. HA5 is a great trick for eye pick me up throughout the day. Get your hands wet and then put a very small amount of HA5 under each eye. The HA5 will pull the water into your skin giving a tighter skin appearance. I did this at lunch everyday and it almost immediately woke up my skin making me appear less tired then I was feeling.

We have so many great tips and tricks at Johnson Dermatology. If you want to learn more of our skin secrets then I highly recommend a free consult with Bridgett or Dani about everything we have to offer!

“A strong woman is one who is able to smile in the morning like she wasn’t crying last night”

Loving life, Nina


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