My Falsies Experience

I have a shameful new YouTube beauty addiction. I love watching all the beauty videos about make-up and beauty tips. I started watching different colleagues doing injections and such and then I met the beauty youtubers community and now I feel like we are friends. Almost every eye tutorial ends in putting on false lashes. In my opinion, I don’t need falsies because my Latisse has my lashes thicker, darker and longer anyways. But for the sake of argument I had never worn falsies and thought I should give it a try before I knock it or think my lashes are too good for falsies.

Initially I feared trying them for multiple reasons.

  1. What if I had an allergy to the glue and my lids swelled shut?
  2. I wear contacts. What if my eyes watered and burned all day from the glue?
  3. What if I am talking to a patient and one pops half way off and I look like a fool?
  4. What if the glue pulls all my great Latisse lashes right off?

But for the sake of research I proceeded.

The first step was applying lashes. I must say on you tube videos it looks pretty easy. Quite the opposite. I couldn’t get my fingers close enough to the lash line and I glued my false lashes to my real lashes at first try. Then, when I did get them on my team member had to adjust them for me. It was definitely much harder than it looks and I would say it would add at least 5 minutes to any morning routine.

Next step, simply wear them. Wasn’t so simple. At the beginning of the day I wanted to claw them off. I could see them, which was distracting. They felt like they were pulling at my lid-like I put a sticker over my eyelids. I must admit as the day went on I got used to the feeling and they felt more comfortable. One annoyance was the length of the false lashes was causing my blinking to grab my hair, pulling it into my face. At one point in the middle of the day one false lash came loose from the inner corner of my eye and I had to stop and reapply. This was more than likely a user error complication.

Last step: removal. Honestly, I couldn’t wait until I got home. As I drove to pick up my girls from daycare I grabbed those suckers and just pulled them off. I don’t recommend this technique because it was slightly painful but mainly it just felt good to get them off. If you’re a woman than you could relate this feeling to the feeling when you get to pull your underwire off at the end of the day, ahhhhh {insert elongated exhale}.

I think there are some pros and cons to false eyelashes. For me I prefer to stick with Latisse but here are my list of pros and cons.


  1. Dramatic look. You will never get that exaggerated length and fullness with Latisse. It’s like glitter eyeshadow. It’s not natural appearing at all but it still can be pretty for the right occasion.
  2. One time experience. If you only want longer, thicker, darker lashes for one event and don’t want a big investment than you could do this for $10.


  1. Slightly uncomfortable.
  2. Can cause irritation, rashes, dryness, swelling.
  3. If you want longer, thicker, darker lashes daily falsies are more expensive than latisse.
  4. False lashes are less natural. People always comment on my Latisse lashes by saying “your lashes are beautiful”. People commented more often on the falsies but it was always “are your lashes real?”. Not the attention I was necessarily looking to attract.
  5. Time consuming to apply.

I think to sum it up it’s really a personal decision. I love Latisse because it is a more cost effective, natural, daily look. It’s easy to apply two times/week to maintain. Maybe takes 60 seconds of my entire week. I also think that false eyelashes blend more naturally and appear more natural when used with Latisse lashes. If you don’t follow Johnson Dermatology on snapchat and Instagram you missed the live stream of my day with falsies. Don’t miss my next personal experiment and go there now @johnsondermatology on Instagram and jdermatology snapcode on snapchat! See you there!

Remember the eyes are the windows to the soul and the eyelids are the window treatment you see on that window. Need fresh curtains? Call JD this week to see if you are a good candidate for Latisse or our other eyelid treatments! 479-649-3376 See you there!!!

xoxo, Nina


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