Happy 10 years!

Tomorrow marks 10 years since Johnson Dermatology opened it’s doors in Fort Smith, AR. I saw a video this weekend that talked about healthcare being a calling and not a job. It really spoke to me. My stomach churns thinking about doing anything other than exactly what I do now. The team we have at JD right now is actually the largest and best we have had since I started there 4 years ago. This month, to celebrate our 10 years, we are having specials on almost all our cosmetic services and products. We are also having a HUGE makeover giveaway (details coming). Stop in, make an appointment, come play in the make-up room, whatever you can do, make it a point to come celebrate with us this month at Johnson Dermatology. Here are 10 reasons to come celebrate with us at the clinic this month.

  1. Our NEW Dermatologist is here! Yes, that’s right, it’s official. Dr. Garrett Nelson starts seeing patients on Monday! Come meet him, he is kind, smart, loves skin and can’t wait to make Fort Smith his home. Ask to say hello and welcome him to Fort Smith when you’re in, or heck just make an appointment with him!
  2. We have the UltraShape!!!! Say buh bye to that bulge today! UltraShape is focused, pulsed ultrasound waves that destroy fat forever! Treat your saddlebags, love handles, belly bulge, arms and any other fat pocket that you have given a mean name and see permanent results. You need three treatments 2 weeks apart and will then see optimum results 4 weeks after your last treatment. If you do the math thats 10 weeks. Therefore, if you start in August you will have that body contour you’re looking for by halloween-treat yourself don’t trick yourself this year! (hint:special this month)
  3. VelaShape is here too! We weren’t just going to permanently rid fat without some cellulite and skin tightening too! The VelaShape is part of your UltraShape treatment or you can get it in a separate package. This device turns fat cells from grapes to raisins making cellulite disappear. This takes upkeep after your first treatment so I’m guessing our laser team has a special this month to get you kick started!
  4. We have sooo many specials on procedures(fillers, botox, Kybella). We are keeping all our specials for the eyes of our guests only. That’s right, you’re going to have to come to the clinic to get the gift. We want you to come celebrate with us and if you do you AND your wallet will be glad you did!
  5. Latisse. Buy two Latisse and get $100 off the rest of the month. Because you read my blog, you heard it first. Stock up for the year now!
  6. Get a free make-up consult. Kaylee and our make-up team can color match you and party with you in the make-up room. Have you spent time learning about our Jane Iredale make-up? It’s life changing and we have such a fun space to enjoy it…. and yes there is a make-up special this month!
  7. Get a free skin care consult. Have you met some of our skincare consultants? We now have about 50 employees and they ALL use the skin care products we offer! Why? Because they WORK! Quit wasting money on expensive products that are so called “recommended by a dermatologist” and come to Johnson Dermatology where we have personally hand selected and tried each product we recommend. Come learn why we stand behind the products we use….. and yes there is a skin product special this month!
  8. School is about to start! All you students know how busy you will be once school starts. Don’t wait until the last minute to get your acne treated before school starts. Get your skin fall ready before it’s too late. Your skin cells only turn over every 28 days so to see real change you need a few months. Come this month when you have no excuses not to! Oh and did I mention we might have some acne cosmetic specials this month!?!?
  9. The Summer sun gotcha. Did the fun in the sun this summer have your brown spots popping up? Melasma? Come reverse the damage at JD this month. Obviously we have a discoloration special…. think chemical peel meets laser…..
  10. Because Dr. Sandy, Dr. Brad, Honey, Dr. Nelson and I are there and we can’t wait to treat all your skin needs. Dr. Sandy said it best in our 10 year celebration video (watch it here)”We love skin, we love our community and we just can’t stop the feeling”. We honestly just want to celebrate with a big thank you to all our patients so please come see us at Johnson Dermatology and let us thank you with our specials. We can’t wait for the next 10 years with the best patients!


“Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark”

Hope to leave you all feeling skintastic this month and every month, Nina


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