Hair Be Gone

It always surprises me what people like and don’t like¬†aesthetically speaking. Some people like a hairy armpit and some can’t stand the thought. Almost everyone I know has removed hair from one unwanted area on the body or another. There are lots of hair reduction and hair removal techniques including creams, waxing, laser reduction, shaving, blading, sugaring and threading (just to name a few). Some of these techniques can result in rashes, burns, infections and even scarring. Here are my do’s and don’t of hair care to avoid these complications.

  1. Shaving- Make sure you change your blade frequently to avoid infections. You also want to have a sharp blade. If your blade dulls you will be more prone to folliculitis or razor burn.
  2. Waxing- I usually don’t recommend waxing because I want all my patients on a retinol and you can’t wax on a retinol. Waxing can cause hyperpigmentation which is a dark discoloration left behind. You’re especially prone to this when you are tan.
  3. Creams- There are both over the counter and prescription creams. Be cautious with these because some of them can irritate the skin. I would advise doing a small “test area” first and follow directions exactly. These can cause chemical burns when not used with care.
  4. Laser reduction- When done by a trained medical professional laser is an excellent option for dark hair. Blonde or white hair doesn’t respond well to the laser. We have both the YAG and the elos lasers for hair reduction at Johnson Dermatology. We usually recommend monthly treatments for 3-5 sessions until desired results are achieved.
  5. Blading- This is a really good option for blonde, gray or white hair. I usually recommend this for people that want to get rid of their facial “peach fuzz”. It’s a tool that gently removes the unwanted hair at home. Most people do it every 2-4 weeks. You can schedule a cosmetic consult for more information at Johnson Dermatology.

Thank you to Honey who helped me form this blog as we enjoy the super bowl. Our half-time was spent talking about hair reduction and dancing to Beyonce. Hope your team takes home the trophy! Hope to see you this week at the clinic!

XOXO, Nina


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