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I love filler. I love it in my face and I love to inject it into others. It is immediate satisfaction and it looks so natural. My girlfriends and acquaintances often question me about filler and my love for the stuff. I thought maybe some of you might want to ask me the same questions but don’t feel comfortable enough to ask so today’s blog is my most FAQ’s with regards to filler (and my answers of course)!

Q: Aren’t you too young to have filler?

A: When is too young to have filler? Everyone ages and gets sagging lines and wrinkles at different numerical ages dependent on multiple factors including sun exposure, genetics and whether or not they smoke, just to name a few. If you have any “drooping” then you’re not too young. Plus some people want filler for bigger lips or to fill in a deep scar, not just for anti-aging.

Q:What should my goals be when getting injections?

A: I usually say “let’s get your skin to where it was about 10 years ago”. If you are 60 your skin isn’t going to look like it did when you were 20 with filler, not in a natural way anyways. Don’t expect the tightness of a facelift with filler. Expect to look refreshed.

Q: Why not save my money and get a facelift?

A: You have to go under anesthesia for a facelift which comes with a new set of risks and possible complications.  A facelift is more downtime and more recovery time. Some people can achieve a more subtle change with filler than the tight pull you get with a facelift. Some people need a facelift AND filler to fill volume loss and to pull skin taught. Some people might benefit from saving their money and getting a facelift. Ask this during your consultation.

Q: I only have X amount of money. Is it better to save until I get Y amount of money so I can do all the syringes I need at once or can I do a little at a time?

A: Either way works out in the end. I personally like doing a little at a time and adding on as you mature. This is a lifelong commitment, a commitment to anti-aging. You will probably always need more at some point. Some people do a higher number of syringes initially and then add on to that as they go which is another good way. A good injector will consider your budget and make a longterm plan with realistic goals just for you!

Q:How should I pick who injects me?

A: Pick someone who has more than a weekend class learning how to inject. Pick someone in the medical field that has resources to fix complications. Pick someone who enjoys injecting (ask them if they like to do it, or you probably should be able to see some enthusiasm). Pick someone who injects a LOT and often! A good place to start is with dermatologists or plastic surgeons. The best place to start is by picking me (hehe, kind of kidding).

Q: How often do I need to get filler?

A: That depends on you. Different types of fillers last different amounts of time, some about a year and some about 2 years. Some people metabolize filler faster, some slower. Some people age quicker than others and require more anti-aging tools. Some people require more filler and some people require more laser. Everyone’s anti-aging plan looks a little different. You should meet with your injector every 3-6 months to stay on track but you likely will not need filler at each visit.

Q:Why don’t you do Botox/Filler parties?

A: Every time I inject someone it’s a party. Seriously though, do you get your root canal on a couch? Your flu shot at a dinner table? No, of course not. In my opinion, Filler is a medical procedure and should be done in a clean, medical environment.

Q:Why don’t you offer the stuff cheap like I’ve seen elsewhere?

A:Because I’m an expert. I know I do the best job. You aren’t just paying for product when you come to me to be injected. You are paying for my expertise, my technique. I’ve spent many  hours at advanced trainings, many weeks at seminars away from my family, many years training with Dr. Sandy and that’s just since I finished 4 years of undergraduate education at the U of A and a masters degree in the Science of Nursing from UCA. Not to mention I have an eye and artistry that can’t be taught. Quality over quantity! When injected by an expert one syringe may look better than what someone less qualified does with 2 syringes.

Q: How do I pick which filler to use?

A:Don’t do it alone. Don’t pick based on what worked on someone else or what looked good in a commercial. If you have an expert injector they will help you pick the best product for you according to your budget and your skin.

What questions do you have that I didn’t answer here? Have you met our cosmetic concierge at Johnson Dermatology? Her name is Dani and she loves doing cosmetic consults and making long term anti-aging plans with you. Next time you are at the clinic you should ask to meet her, spend time with her and ask her any filler questions you still have. Hope to see you all at the clinic this week!

He who asks a question remains a fool for five minutes. He who does not ask remains a fool forever. -Chinese Proverb

Happy Week, Nina


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