Filler Crash Course

I’m giving you the break down. This is a basic, beginners crash course on different “filler” options.

1. Sculptra-not immediate, needs to be drawn up prior to day of injection. Needs to be massaged by patient to prevent nodules. Not immediate results. Best results 2 months after injection day. Lasts about 2 years but can’t win the fight against voluma so we don’t use much (if any) in our clinic anymore.
2. Restylane family-tends to be lumpy and have more swelling and bruising IMO (and SJ) plus only lasts 6-9 months so we don’t use this a lot in our practice.
3. Radiesse-Not a hyaluronic acid so it can’t be dissolved. It’s calcium hydroxyapatite. It is what we use in the hands-one syringe per hand lasts about a year.

Now let’s get to the good stuff……. The Juvederm Family

1. We love that the Juvederm fillers are by Allergan so people can use Brilliant Distinction points to get discounts with SkinMedica products, Botox and Kybella.
2. The vycross technology means lasts longer, less swelling initially. These are Voluma, Vollure, Volbella (that’s thickest to thinnest).
3. Not in a vycross technology are Juvederm Ultra Plus and Juvederm Ultra. We almost always use the first(Ultra Plus) because it is a little thicker and gives us more robust results.
4. The thickest of the family is Voluma-it lifts. If you have someone that complains of “sagging” or volume loss/ “hollows” then Voluma is your #1 lift power filler. It is immediate and lasts 2 years! However, we will not be 29 those entire two years as we continue to age we will continue to drop and be 31 in two years so patient needs to be seen every 6 months to assess for need of touch-up.
5. Vollure-thinner than Voluma, thicker than Volbella. It’s right in the middle of Voluma and Volbella and that’s how we use it. Someone with deep etched in lines around the mouth that are too deep for volbella but too shallow for Voluma will get Vollure. This lasts 18 months! That’s longer than any other FDA approved filler for nasolabial folds. It’s target is 20-30 year olds that don’t have the “sagging” but starting to get the nasolabial fold. Results we give them with Vollure are treating deep etched in lines, nasolabial folds and for some candidates even lips. Not to put her on the spot but check out what we did for Honey with Vollure next time you see her in clinic!

6. Volbella-The thinnest vycross technology filler. It is FDA approved for lip lines. Great for people that want lines treated but no plumping of the lips. Great for small etched in smile lines. This product doesn’t tyndall (look blue when put very superficial) so we use it in the tear troughs and fine superficial lines. Great for someone who wants very subtle lip definition. Lasts about a year. Call and make an appointment for a cosmetic consult with Dani and check out her volbella enhanced lips!
7. Juvederm Ultra Plus-Our go-to product for lips. It’s great for plumping the lips, treating deep lip lines and redefining the lip border, cupids bow and philtrum. Lasts about a year.

To simplify: voluma is like silly putty, Vollure is like pudding and volbella is like icing. Juvederm Ultra plus is different because it isn’t a vycross technology so it’s like jello. It plumps stronger than pudding does but it’s just a completely different substance.

Any questions please feel free to ask me…..
At the clinic! Immediately because I love talking beauty, refreshing and injecting!

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