Double Chin Trouble?

There is a new injectable drug out that is designed to get rid of submental fullness (that’s a fancy nice medical term for double chin). It is so exciting and amazing because there is nothing out there like it.

Kybella (deoxycholic acid) is the first and only FDA approved injectable for contouring submental fullness. It is a series of 3-6 treatment sessions about a month apart. The medication is injected directly into your neck underneath your chin where the fat is located. After your initial injection there is an inflammatory response over the next month that takes the fat away and tightens the skin. The clinical trials of the drug that were done to get FDA approval had over 1600 patients in them and the drug has been found to be very safe.

Johnson Dermatology is one of only 10 offices in the state of Arkansas that was chosen to launch the medication. We are currently the only office offering Kybella in the River Valley and I would like to “toot toot” our horn on that fact!

As soon as we received the product Honey injected it into my double chin. The actual process of injections is actually pretty simple. We clean your neck off with surgical scrub and then mark out anatomical locations to see exactly where you will be injected. We numb your neck with lidocaine because the dissolving of fat can be painful. After you are numb the rest is a breeze. We inject the medication, which takes about 45 seconds and then you leave. For the next 24 hours you will have swelling, minor pain or tingling and paresthesias. You can take some ibuprofen and ice the area for up to 20 minutes of every hour to help. These symptoms are the worst the first 24 hours and then continue to get better over the next 4-6 weeks or so.  I’m almost 4 weeks out from my injections and my double chin is still slightly numb but literally it has been getting a little better everyday since I was injected. I can already see a significant difference in my double chin shrinking after just one treatment session. It’s like birthing a child. When I was in labor, I swore I would never have another baby but after that sweet little baby arrived I wanted another one. When I was all swollen I didn’t think I would do another treatment but now that I see my double chin shrinking I’d do it 20 more times! I should also point out that I saw patients all day the next day and no one noticed my swelling. People that knew me could tell I was swollen from injections but a stranger would probably just look at me and think I was 5 pounds heavier than I truly weigh.

This treatment is so exciting because it is the first time we have had something for double chin other than liposuction. It is a great adjunct treatment to your botox and fillers. Remember full facial rejuvenation always looks more natural while working on anti-aging.

For a consultation to see if you’re a candidate for this new and exciting treatment call Johnson Dermatology at 479-649-3376. Dani is our cosmetic concierge and she can get you scheduled and answer all your pre-visit questions. You can ask to speak with her and get to know her!

See you at the clinic!

Happy Fall Y’all!!



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    1. The total cost depends on how many treatments are required. I would encourage you to make a free cosmetic consult with Dani our cosmetic coordinator for you personal plan and quotes.

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