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Go to Google and search “botox testimonials” but make sure you’re sitting down because the results are scary. One girl had only half her lips injected because her injector said “there are no lines on the other side” which resulted in a crooked smile. And it just went down hill from there. So this week I have a guest blog writer, one of my patients. She came in this week for her first ever Botox injection and this was her experience. So here it is, a real Johnson Dermatology patient’s testimonial…….

When I first got back to the room the nurse took some pictures of me and I sat down and started signing a consent form. Thank God I’m a nurse and consent forms don’t scare me because everything that is on that consent will make you want to turn around and walk out of there. I was not too concerned about side effects, but that is just the type of person I am… worry about how to fix it later, because what will be will be! Plus, I had already decided I was going to do it and no consent form was going to scare me out of pressing forward.

Next, Nina came in and went over a bunch of information that I really didn’t care too much about. I was just thinking to myself “whatever, just make my wrinkles go away”. Then she asked if I had any questions. I really didn’t know what to ask so I just said no. If you have questions you might want to write them down because at this point you are a little overwhelmed and it’s easy to forget what you were planning on asking. I did however, ask if it was going to hurt. The thought of needles being stuck in your face should be somewehat scary, right?? Nina responded with “oh you will be fine, you’re tough”. I should have known that was a Nina style of “yes it’s a needle, it hurts”. Well, even though I am terrified of needles, it really didn’t bother me. Maybe it had something to do with the ice or the girl tapping my forehead or nerves but whatever it was that part wasn’t so bad. The actual botox medicine being injected hurt more that I expected. It was more like a burning sensation with each stick. The best way I can think to describe it would be to compare it to a TB skin test. The procedure itself is quick, like seriously 1 minute. Overall, the pain would not sway me from doing it again!

Next,they offered to touch up my make-up but I didn’t need it. I walked out of there with some bumps where my injections were but they were gone by the time I got to my car. They told me to make my “thinker expression” for an hour and not to touch or rub or do anything strenuous. I forgot to make the faces for an hour. I have a 2 year old so I still chased after her all day and lugged her around on my hip and I consider that pretty strenuous. I’m not a good patient, but it all worked out fine.

It will be a week tomorrow since I was injected and I could tell a difference within the first couple of days. If you can take before shots, do because you will be so surprised! They took pictures of me at the clinic but I don’t want to go back for a check-up just to see pictures. My iphone pics let me track it day-to-day. It seemed to take effect quicker in my forehead than around my eyes. My forehead is SO smooth! I never realized how many wrinkes I had there; I guess it is because I am such a thinker! My crows feet took a little longer to show results, but last night I looked at a before picture and was thrilled at the difference! This was the area that had bothered me the most, so I feel like the few minutes of pain was worth it for sure! Something else that I noticed was my eyebrows seemed lifted?? Not sure if they really are… We will have to let Nina answer that one.

The only issue that I had was a small amount of bruising. Just one bruise on my forehead. It was easily covered with concealer and has almost all disappeared. Nina said it might have to do with all the aleve I take, so beware if you’re a habitual NSAID user like I am! Overall, I LOVE IT and will definitely do it again!! Thanks Nina for being one amazing Dermatology Nurse Practioner!! Mwah!

Just quickly to answer her question, yes Botox can lift the brow’s slightly and give you more of an arch. I enjoyed reading her experience and I hope you did too. Are you considering Botox for the first time? This is a great time to take the plunge. Right now you can get double brilliant distinction points and we are donating part of the profit from cosmetic procedures and products to the fourth annual Back to School Shoe Giveaway. Thursday afternoon July 24th I am going to be giving FREE skincare consults with our expert skin care product specialist so call for an appointment now because space is limited. Hope we can talk skin soon!

Smiling, laughing and looking natural with my Botox, Nina


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